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ON THE WAY is the first release from AMY BLUE's second full-length album.

AMY BLUE, the loud fuzz noise pop band from South London have been going about their business since 2003 whereby they mutated from electronic-noise pop act, through stints as a heavy jangling and riffing Alt-Rock collective, to the melodic feedback and shoegazey clattering now awaiting your aural arousal.

'A HERO OF OUR TIME' is derived from Lermontov’s Russian Literary Classic that none of the band have read fully. To quote the whole derivation, “…so immoral a man as a hero of our time”, the set of songs deals with identity or the lack of in the modern world and the lengths a desperate person would go to in order for recognition and acceptance, by anyone. Our “hero” is foolish (Birthday Girl), deceitful (Pathetic Lie), a victim (Ground Zero), delusional (Mascara), Unrepentant. Stuck somewhere between the tragedy of a Heminway protagonist and an Easton Ellis narcissist.

JP Rutter, Simon Chatterman (songwriters, singing, guitars, pedals, egos), and Lex Sampson on drummering with Trevor Hatton on bass, have worked on and off three years to complete this record, after the quiet success of their debut “The Fortress and the Fatalist” and last year’s EP “On The Pleasure of Hating”.

The band again utilised the (Stolen Records haunt of) Random Colours studio to record but floundered in personal and musical anxiety and doubt as they tried to realise their ambitious vision of the record against the harsh reality of paid-for studio time. Another attempt to self record led to the material being shelved.

However, the band, bolstered by the results of the “…Hating” EP, recorded and mixed the record themselves in what 90’s journalists might opine to be a very LO-FI way, though no one’s criticising
Yuck for recording in their bedroom, are they? They should be, they’re absolutely fucking shite.

In stark contrast, this record sees Amy Blue develop into the band they actually want to be, not
Smashing Pumpkins/Sonic youth knock offs, not “fruitier Dave Gahan”s (Spin Magazine), no longer hurtled back to the Camden toilet circuit…maybe a bit more content, but no less angry and committed.